Background of DCF

The beginning of Drive Change Foundation (DCF) ‘s beginning is not an overnight process but simply a long process that started with Mr. Peter Valentine’s dream and vision to help vulnerable children and empower women. He started by going through low-income villages looking for orphans and children who couldn’t afford school fees and other facilities.

DCF started with 6 children and one teacher, but continuous enrolment increased the number of children to about 67. Fortunately, we also moved from a rental house to the DCF house, where there’s plenty of space for playing.

We appreciate the Arumeru District Education office for its support, ideas, and advice that enable the Director to handle children beyond school age.

Additionally,  it’s good fortune that we got sponsorship from FIKIRIA KWANZA ACADEMY which supports 16 students.

But due to the increasing number of children and few donors, the Director looks for ways to support other remaining children by creating a DCF bank account, website, and advertising on social media.

Do you wish to support our vision?

Here’s how to donate to DCF

Kindly, we appreciate your desire to support, advise,  contribute, and offer your part to help vulnerable people feel happy and fulfill their vision and dream.

The Director shares the same vision.

That’s why he organizes his team to visit markets, towns, government offices, and private sectors to contribute food, soap, clothes, school fees, and other accommodation facilities.

So join us, and tell your friends!

Your contribution is significant in supporting the lives of vulnerable children in Tanzania.

You’re welcome to donate any amount wherever you are in the world.

You can use the following account:



A/C NO: 0110 018 984


Apart from that, we’re active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn which gives you room to socialize with us and get to know us.

Otherwise, you can also visit us.

Best of regards,