We should help orphans because we will benefit the world and the global society. By helping vulnerable children, we make them grow to be responsible and healthy people. Once they have grown up, they can give back to the community by helping others too.

You have probably come across an abandoned child, a child borrowing food, or have probably visited a children’s home. Such children are referred to as orphans because they have no parents or have been permanently abandoned. 

Forsaking the orphans makes them devastated. So some end up indulging in activities such as stealing to survive.

The children also need protection because they are faced with many challenges. Such challenges include:

  • Child abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Poor sanitation
  • Lack of parental care
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Dropping out of school 

Let’s look at other reasons why we should help orphans!

Reasons why we should help orphans

Here is why you should help an orphan today.

To provide emotional support to the orphans 

Most of the time, the orphans succumb to many challenges, and some get depressed. 

By guiding and counseling them, we show them love and care, which help them heal. 

When they get attention and love, the orphans become optimistic. They can then lead normal and happy lives despite the kind of challenges that may be facing them. 

To protect the orphans from being abused

Orphans are prone to different kinds of abuse, including sexual abuse, child abuse, emotional abuse, etc. 

The children face this kind of abuse because they are forced to indulge in many things to survive.

As a result, some people take advantage of this vulnerability and convert them into sex workers, drug dealers, and all sorts of illegal jobs. 

We should protect the orphans from people who will take advantage of them. 

To cater to the needs of the orphans 

We should cater to the basic needs of the orphans because they have no families to turn to. 

We can cater to their needs by providing food for them. We can provide shelter by setting up children’s homes or adopting them. 

We can also give them clothes by requesting willing people to give out their extra clothes. 

By catering to their needs, the vulnerable children will experience a normal lifestyle. We will also prevent them from engaging in illegal activities to cater to these needs. 

To benefit the global society

Helping orphans will make them responsible people who can be looked upon by society. 

The kids can, in turn, give back to society and help others just like you also supported them.

Are you convinced that an orphan needs your help?

Keep reading to learn how to help orphans.

Easy ways to help orphans in your community

The ways we can help orphans include:

Take an orphan to school

You can help orphans by taking them to school through an orphanage like Drive Change Foundation. If you wish to help an orphan in the streets, you may adopt them or take them to an orphanage. 

You can continue to finance their education through donations and other kinds of support that you can provide. Most orphanages, including DCF, do not have primary school or high school educators. So, they rely on sponsors who decide to educate one or two orphans till they complete college.

Feel free to volunteer to teach in an orphanage. By volunteering to teach the children, you share what you know and make the orphans feel loved and cherished.

Remember that orphans also get to grow their passion in school, eventually building a career out of it. 

Sponsor food and healthcare provision

You can help vulnerable children by sponsoring their food and healthcare provisions. The children need a balanced diet to stay healthy. They also need to access healthcare facilities to lead a long and happy life.

You can help an orphan access healthcare facilities by opening a health insurance account for them. You can also donate money that will be used to cater for their medical and food expenses.  

Feel free to give food and medical supplies to contribute to the healthy growth of the children.

Adopt an orphan

You can adopt an orphan to make him or her part of your family. The process of adopting a child is super-duper easy if you have met all the requirements. 

In Tanzania, you can adopt a child using the following process:

  • Choose an adoption service provider
  • Apply to be allowed to adopt
  • Be matched with a child
  • Adopt the child in Tanzania
  • Take the child home

You can adopt a child from the Drive Change Foundation by applying for adoption on the contact form.

If you’re not in a position to adopt, you can encourage other willing people to adopt orphans. You can educate them on the benefits of adopting and helping vulnerable children which will soften their hearts and perhaps consider adopting.

By donating

You can support orphans by donating to the children’s homes, school programs or paying school fees for one child.  

The amount you donate is used to cover the food, uniform, stationery, and funding various projects that will benefit the orphans. 

You can also donate physical products like clothes, food, stationery, etc.

That little effort you put in by donating can make a drastic change in the life of an orphan.

If you wish to donate for an orphan today, you can donate to the Drive Change foundation through our fundraising campaign on GoGetFunding.com. 

DCF is a non-profit that supports orphans and vulnerable children through our school program

We believe that change starts with educated children. With education, these children will grow to be responsible and contribute to the betterment of society.

We have 67 children depending on selfless people like you. By joining hands with us, you will be able to support and empower vulnerable children.  

The amount you donate is used to cover food, uniform, and stationery expenses. We will also use the donations to fund various projects that benefit the orphans. For example, we have classes and boarding rooms under construction, farm projects, etc.

 We will appreciate any kind of donation you give us. 

Who knows, one of the children you support today could be the savior of the world tomorrow.


We should make helping orphans a priority. By preventing them from going through various challenges, we can build a community filled with love.  

Change the world by educating orphans. Support them in the form of donations, partnerships, or voluntary work.

Join DCF today to help orphans. If you wish to know more on how the Drive Change Foundation helps orphans click here